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The Hub is easy to use on any device and can provide a solution to a range of challenges in your organisation.

Continuous Learning

How do you support the shift to digital learning and build a learning culture where everyone feels in control of their own development and create a habit of curiosity that taps into people’s own motivations?

Using a traditional approach to learning management for the dynamic way in which people need to develop their skills can result in people not getting value from the learning content investments you have made. The Hub makes it easy to access carefully curated playlists of the best content covering a range of popular topics. You can bring together microlearning from third party providers as well as articles and videos from the web. What’s more, you can extend these playlists with your own learning resources, or create your own playlists to expand the range of topics available. Get creative, the possibilities are endless!

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Solutions for organisational learning - internal communications

Internal Communication

How do you ensure people are engaged with the communication that matters with a stream of content, a distributed workforce and multiple tools being used to collaborate.

The Hub is a communications channel that can be used to curate key information around organisational initiatives, connecting people to what is going on in the organisation and across other teams, at a time that suits them. What’s more, you can get insights on content that is being engaged with, to better plan and deliver future communications.

Knowledge Sharing

How do you ensure that the information and resources people need inside or outside your organisation is easy to access at the moment of need?

Capturing information from subject matter experts, best practices and success stories can result in lots of valuable knowledge living in files and folders on shared drive or content management systems. The Hub can help guide people to the most important information regardless of format or location, putting that knowledge in the hands of the person that needs it when they need it.

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Pre-hire and Onboarding

How do you ensure a person has what they need before or after they start with your organisation or move to a new role?

Spreadsheets and to do lists do not provide the experience to get people excited and engaged when starting in a new organisation, or a new role. And what about the practical challenges if they are not yet been set up or have access to core IT systems? The Hub can provide an agile and engaging solution to bring together the most useful resources for someone before or after they start, as well as giving them access to information that they will need to do their job and to support their learning and development.

Change & Cultural Initiatives

How do you drive ongoing awareness and engagement with key initiatives across the organisation such as Diversity & Inclusion or Health & Wellbeing?

Valuable information is often lost when distributed through existing platforms and complex administration makes it difficult to respond when you need to seize the moment and connect people to something that is going on right now. The Hub can be used to showcase key initiatives and make it easy to drive engagement across the organisation, by being a simple easy to use and agile solution it is also possible to ensure the information that is being accessed is both timely and relevant.

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