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The Hub is easy to use on any device and can provide a solution to a range of challenges in your organisation.

Learning Programmes

With the increasing focus on the delivery of learning using virtual classrooms, how do you ensure an engaging learner experience through your learning programme not just during the live session. Your LMS may give you all the tools you need to manage the event, but may fall short in providing the social and collaborative learning experience you need to support it.

The Hub provides a simple, easy to use experience on any device that enables dissemination of information and resources in support of social & collaborative learning. The ability to share comments on available resources helps with engaging the cohort in a learning experience before and after the virtual classroom.

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Continuous Learning

If you are looking to develop a learning culture you need to tap into people’s desire to learn and provide opportunities for self development. Simply providing access to a catalogue of elearning and pointing people to it isn’t the personalised experience we are used to as consumers.

The Hub, combined with our expertly curated playlists, can provide access to learning across a range of popular topics. We have brought together microlearning from third party providers as well as articles and videos from the web. What’s more, you can extend these playlists with your own learning resources, or create your own to expand the range of topics available. Get creative, the possibilities are endless.

Employee Engagement

How do you connect with distributed teams and individuals with information that may be useful or important and build your organisational culture without overwhelming them?

The Hub can be used as a communications channel, to connect distributed teams of people with what is going on across the organisation. Information from a variety of sources can be disseminated in playlists to help guide people to what they are looking for, when they are ready to consume it. Easy to understand data allows you to quickly identify engagement trends.

Planning content
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Whether someone is getting ready to join the organisation, getting started as a new joiner or moving to a new project, the information they may need is often distributed in multiple systems, or the responsibility to provide the information is shared by different people.

The Hub can help bring together the right information, relevant to the team the individual is joining and can be accessed on any device. Hiring managers can quickly see insights on whether the new joiner is getting to the right information and provide further guidance if needed.

Internal Communications

With the increasing stream of information that needs to be communicated and your audience distributed across many channels, in different locations and speaking different languages, how do you ensure that people are getting the messages you want them to? Email and messaging tools just don’t cut through and the volume can mean things are simply missed.

The Hub is a communications channel that can be used to curate key information around organisational initiatives, connecting people to what is going on in the organisation and across other teams, at a time that suits them. What’s more, you can get insights on how they have landed, to better plan and deliver future communications.

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Solutions for organisational learning - internal communications
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Digital Transformation

Communicating with your partners, suppliers or customers is becoming ever more complex with stakeholders using different technologies and competing with many other information sources for their attention. How do you ensure those stakeholders outside of your organisation have the information and resources they need, without the complexities of managing different audiences and access to core systems?

The Hub provides a simple intuitive way to curate resources and important information and provide data on usage, so you can be sure that important information is getting seen.