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Business change and transformation is forcing the pace on skills. Having the right skills to fuel change is a priority for business leaders and an imperative for future success and growth.


Planning for future skills

The skills we need today and in the future are changing at a faster than ever rate. The ability to build new skills, and continually upskill and reskill employees is an essential component for a business to compete, innovate and succeed.

Traditional approaches to skill development do not have the agility or flexibility to scale and to engage your people with an experience of learning which is more continuous.  To drive this change you need to create a new kind of learning experience in your organisation. 

The 5App Hub provides organisations with a flexible and accessible learning solution that can be used standalone or to unlock the value of your current learning management system. 

Hybrid working - networking and communications
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How can the 5App Hub help?


To meet your skills challenges now and in the future the 5App Hub will:

  • Simplify the curation and targeting of learning to provide a relevant and personalised experience
  • Enable access to a broad range of engaging, bitesize learning to build skills and support people on the job at their moment of need
  • Transform learning culture and empower individuals to share knowledge and information in support other learners
  • Connect people to what they need to know – an on demand source of new learning to reflect what’s going on in the world.

See the 5App Hub for yourself

Find out more about the 5App Hub and how it helps with the challenges of reskilling and upskilling in your organisation.

You can hear the recording of our recent webinar for strategic considerations about reskilling and upskilling. To get practical advice about how the 5App Hub can help, book a demo and discuss your skills challenges with one of our friendly consultants.