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Avoid communication overload

With so much information and so many fast moving channels of communication, people can easily feel overwhelmed or even disconnected from their organisation, and could be missing key information.

By providing on demand access to the most important communication you can connect everyone in an organisation, whether working from home, the office or the field and help them find relevant information and resources at any time on any device to improve company culture and engagement.

Targeted comms by team

Using the 5App Hub’s team functionality ensures communication is targeted and relevant to everyone, regardless of their role or location. Providing a permanent location for the most important communication also means that comments can be preserved in one place and not lost in a fast moving discussion. Insights can be surfaced to understand reach and improve future communication planning.
Targeted comms by team
Central communication - man on laptop

The 5App Hub can be used to ensure that people have on demand access to centralised important communication

  • Company announcements
  • Project updates
  • New product releases
  • Change programmes
  • Cultural initiatives

How are other organisations using the 5App Hub to support communication?

To find out more about how the 5App Hub can help connect people with what is important across your organisation get in touch for a demo.
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