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Learning culture: a business imperative

As an organisation’s ability to adapt and survive, develop new capabilities and ensure they can upskill and reskill their people to meet the demands of the future becomes a business imperative, providing a culture which puts learning at the heart of the organisation has never been more important.

Continuous Learning

By providing a simple and easy to use place to find relevant learning you can help to transform people’s perception of what learning and development means in your organisation.

Whether you are trying to equip people with the skills they need to do their job and progress their career, feed their curiosity and empower them to take control of their own development or drive behavioural change and organisational capability, the 5App Hub provides a simple and easy to use learning experience. And what’s more, it can be rapidly deployed to meet a range of learning needs within your organisation.

Continuous Learning - employee studying on laptop
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Curated playlists and analytics

Using the 5App Hub’s playlists you can curate relevant learning in a variety of formats. Targeting content for an audience ensures it is easy to discover and automated follow ups or nudges help drive awareness and engagement with available learning resources. Insights can be surfaced on how learning content is being used to understand its effectiveness across the organisation, or available to managers to help support development conversations with their team members.

The 5App Hub can be used to support the following digital learning initiatives:

  • Personal development & career pathways
  • Leadership & Management Skills
  • Digital skills
  • Company and market orientation
  • Behavioural change programmes

How are other organisations using the 5App to support learning & development?

● Find out how Greystar’s Business School has transformed their learning culture and increased employee engagement.

To find out more about how the 5App Hub can help transform your organisation’s learning culture get in touch for a demo.

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