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Use the knowledge you have

With so much knowledge being generated each day and the ability to be able to respond quickly to change being so critical to an organisation’s success, often we are not utilising the knowledge that already exists in an organisation, spending valuable time finding or recreating it.

5App Hub for knowledge sharing

By creating a single place to find and share knowledge you can improve performance, provide a better employee experience and create a solid foundation to meet the needs of hybrid working. Whether you are trying to provide access to resources to support people in their job or guide them through internal processes, the 5App Hub provides a simple and easy to use solution to make it easier to find knowledge that exists and to grow with your organisation.
Knowledge Sharing
Screen shot of the 5App learning platform across different devices

Organising and curating knowledge

Using the 5App Hub you can surface a variety of content, from documents to videos, and curate them into playlists. The result is easy access to existing knowledge around a topic area or specific need, and the built in search capability helps quick retrieval of individual resources.

Encourage contributions from all areas of your organisation whilst keeping control over content quality by granting individual permissions. nsights can be surfaced to help ensure that the Hub remains a relevant and up to date source of knowledge.

The 5App Hub can be used to simplify knowledge sharing across a wide range of scenarios:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Internal systems guides
  • Job checklists
  • How to videos
  • Best practices
How are other organisations using the 5App Hub to support learning and development?
To find out more about how the 5App Hub can help reduce the time spent finding and recreating knowledge get in touch for a demo.
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