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Are you ready for a new way of working?

Unless your business is returning to working in exactly the same way as before the pandemic then you are likely facing the reality of further change and transformation across your organisation. Hybrid working – having a permanent mix of your workforce in the office, in home or in the field – brings new challenges to how you support people’s development, ensure they have the information they need to do their job, or stay connected to the values and goals of your organisation.

Building Culture

By providing a simple and easy to use place to find and share important information and resources you can support the creation of an organisational culture built on trust and transparency and that is resilient to the challenges of hybrid working.

Regardless of where people are doing their work they share one thing in common, they are underpinned by a digital workplace, which provides the tools and technologies they need day to day. The 5App Hub is designed to improve the employee experience in the digital workplace by making it easier to connect people with what they need to know, when they need to know it. And what’s more, it can be rapidly deployed to meet a range of needs within your organisation.
Building Culture
5 App playlist screen shot

Curated playlists and analytics

Using the 5App Hub’s playlists you can curate relevant information and resources in a variety of formats. Targeting content for an audience ensures it is easy to discover and automate follow ups or nudges help drive awareness and engagement with what’s available. Insights can be surfaced on how information is being used to understand behaviours and made available to managers to help connect them with their teams, regardless of how or where they are working.

The 5App Hub can be used to meet the following challenges of hybrid working:

  • Consistent onboarding experience
  • Remote access to knowledge or expertise
  • Developing an agile learning culture
  • Ensuring everyone feels included and connected

Want to find out more about Hybrid working?

Join the discussion and hear how others are facing the challenges of hybrid working. We’ll be hosting a live interactive webinar on 21st October at 2pm. Hear from some of the leading voices on hybrid working, ask questions and share your views.