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D&I in a hybrid world

We know that diversity and inclusion is good for business and good for our people. And as we make the transition to a hybrid workplace D&I has never been so important to initiate and embed as part of your company’s value systems and people strategies. But where do you start and how can you build a picture of your organisation’s D&I profile and needs?

D&I Engagement Hub

The D&I Engagement Hub is designed to underpin your D&I strategy by providing topical and constantly refreshed D&I content and learning resources for your people, on an easy to use platform, the 5App Hub. It is quick to set up and launch and users need no training to get going.

The content is provided by our partner, All of Us. They are D&I content specialists and experts at delivering highly engaging multimedia learning resources that create, measure and manage positive change at work.

The D&I Engagement Hub is an ‘out of the box’ D&I solution that drives engagement by surfacing relatable current issues, important events and learning content which drives awareness of desired behaviours and your long term commitment to building an inclusive culture.

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Analytics and insights

The Engagement Hub is powered by the 5App Hub and as such offers the additional value you would expect from an established learning platform. Targeting content for an audience ensures it is easy to discover and automated follow ups or nudges help drive awareness and engagement with available learning resources.

Comprehensive analytics, including user demographics and behavioural trends, give you the insights to demonstrate your commitment to stakeholders and understand engagement around important topics.


See the D&I Engagement Hub for yourself

Find out more about the D&I Engagement Hub and how it can help provide the content and analytics to fuel your D&I programme. 

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