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Getting the right information and digital learning content to your people to help them do their jobs, and then managing it thereafter is easy and flexible with the 5App Hub.

You can choose to upload content directly to the Hub from your own files or select what you need from curated libraries available through our team of world-class content partners.

Making your own content and uploading it in the moment can be done rapidly and with minimal fuss. Using the Hub analytics you’ll learn how and when assets are accessed, giving you unique insights into content usage across your organisation.
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Professional Skills

Strong professional skills have a profound impact on performance.

According to Harvard research, 85% of job success comes from having well developed professional and people skills.

Popular courses in this category include:
Coaching skills
Facilitation skills
Emotional intelligence


Leadership and Management

Stepping up to a position of leadership or management is one of the challenges of career progression, requiring new skills and focus.

Learning content covers both junior and senior role skill development.

Popular courses in this category include:
Managing others

Leading in difficult times
Motivation and delegation



Protecting and promoting employee wellbeing is high on the list of priorities, especially in the current climate.

Learning content covers all the important areas of wellbeing for you and your team.

Popular courses in this category

Coping with pressure
Relating to others


Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse and inclusive companies significantly outperform their peers. (Learn more about inclusive cultures and EDI resources).

Access to a broad talent pool and an environment where diversity is celebrated provides the basis for competitive advantage.

Popular topics in this category include:
Unconscious bias

Inclusive recruitment
Inclusive leadership



Compliance training that educates your people on the laws, regulations and policies that apply to their job function and your industry.

We have a range of compliance training options to choose from.

Popular topics in this category include:
Health and Safety

Money laundering
Preventing bribery


Remote Working

Working remotely has become the norm for many office-based workers in 2020.

Create the structures and processes needed to maximise productivity, maintain engagement and build company culture.

Popular topics in this category
Remote working best practices

Managing stress
Leading a remote team

Content Services


Content Curation

Content Mapping

Content Upload

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