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We are a team of digital learning specialists, product designers, UX experts, developers and business strategists based around Europe. Since the pandemic we're also a remote-first organisation.

We create solutions for the digital workplace that help distributed organisations communicate and engage with the people they need to, wherever they are. In 2020 this has become even more important as most organisations adopt remote working and rapid digital transformation.

The 5App Hub was first developed back in 2016 and is a platform for organisations to measure and improve engagement with employee communications and learning. The Hub makes content available on any device and brings a joyful experience to learning and communications

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we now support clients in over twelve countries and 4 continents

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How do you choose the right channels for hybrid learning?

For many organisations there has been a big shift in the number of people working remotely. This mix of people in different locations - offices or remotely - and at different times is reflected in the term hybrid working.  One question many organisations are wrestling with is how best to support learning and development needs in this context - in other words, how do we support a hybrid learning experience?

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Top 5 people and culture challenges in the hybrid workplace

Hybrid is to 2021 as ‘pivot’ was to 2020. But anyone looking for best practices and answers about how to make it work for their organisation will have been disappointed. The truth is there’s no right or wrong, no rule book. We’re all finding our way through it and learning how to ‘office’ and how to ‘home.’

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