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For years learning technology was defined by the learning management system (LMS), a technology designed to manage all your learning needs, and with a price tag to match. As technology has developed and the needs of the business and learning teams have changed, so learning technologies have been transformed.

Technology that fits your needs

Now you have options to buy what you need to do a specific job and to buy technology that fits your budget and the needs of your employees.The 5App Hub is an agile tool built from the ground up, with a clear understanding of the market and what is needed right now. Our digital learning platform puts you 100% in charge of the learning you create, curate and share with the business. Our focus on communications means you can land learning topics quickly and in relevant and engaging ways.

Easy to implement

You can implement the easy to use platform in just a matter of days, populate it with your choice of highly engaging digital learning content, create playlists and push them out to selected teams or groups of people. Discover usage insights, learn how content types affect engagement and constantly improve results using the Hub’s comprehensive analytics.

Rapid, responsive and cost effective

Change and uncertainty bring a thirst for knowledge and information overload is everywhere. So cutting through the noise means looking to a learning platform that can help you deliver the learning and development needs of your people, rapidly, responsively and cost effectively.

How does your learning land?

Training management Interleaved comms and learning Learning content
Compliance focus Engagement focus with consumer UX Consumer UX
Content hosting Curated learning pathways Curated learning pathways
Standalone tech Can work standalone or with LMS Works with LMS
Faces huge engagement problems as content dates quickly and can be expensive and time consuming to update Builds engagement around current LMS and fresh curated resources Provides vast amount of content and requires advanced search and curated approach to make it accessible and relevant
LMS can be expensive and may not deliver the business impact that you need A cost-effective way to build engagement across all training content. LXPs can be expensive and may not deliver the business impact that you need