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Future of Work

The 5App Hub communications and learning platform

The Hub is not just a pretty interface. It's been developed using the full force of 5App’s experience design expertise. As a result, the Hub is easy to use, with a frictionless UX, and our customer analytics support this, with consistently high levels of user engagement.

So when you need to communicate at pace and scale, pushing out company messages, learning programmes, or other digital content to relevant teams or individuals, you can be sure that they will be received and acted upon.

With businesses needing to rapidly flex and pivot, we can deliver your branded 5App Hub within a week, so you can get up and running and continue business as usual, even in these highly unusual times.

Using the 5 App Hub for engagement and blended learning
Laptop, tablet and smartphone with employee engagement Hub
accelerate learning

Content options for online learning

Partnering with Hemsley Fraser, one of the top 20 global training organisations in the world, we offer modern, digital, off the shelf micro learning that is visually stunning and has been organised into 80 different learning pathways.

The 5App Hub is a flexible online communications and learning platform; you can also choose to populate it with third party content or content created in your organisation. You can develop an infinite number of playlists, resources, learning topics and internal communications that work exactly for the needs of your business.

Our premium library of Hemsley Fraser content covers four main areas:

Personal Effectiveness

Team Performance

Management and Leadership

Specialist and Technical

The following languages are available:

The 5App Hub in Practice:

Watch how Hemsley Fraser have used the hub
to deliver a complete digital service for their clients

Engaging your remote workforce

We know that learning is best served up in bite sized chunks that can be accessed and consumed anywhere, on any device, whenever it suits. The 5App communications and learning platform works to these rules.

Combining the exceptional content creation and learning expertise of Hemsley Fraser with the Hub, we offer a range of bespoke design and support services. We aim to populate your Hub with the most effective combination of internal communications and micro-learning content to help you engage your workforce, optimise its effectiveness and meet your business objectives.

Our clients report that the 5App Hub has helped break down silos within their organisations, aided collaboration between geographical locations and departments and has become the de facto place for staff to find out what is happening in their organisation. 

In recent months this level of cohesion has been especially important, providing support and reassurance for remote workers, enabling business as usual, even in very unusual times.

Support Services

Hub Branding & Setup

Engagement Training

Onboarding Support

Launch & Comms Strategy

Stakeholder Videos

Bespoke Videos

Interactive Fluidbooks

Custom Graphics

Content Curation

Content Mapping

Content Translation

Own Content Upload

VIDEO & CASE STUDY"Access to forward thinking capabilities [of the 5App Hub] has to be a core part of how any organisation offers their L&D content today."

Bespoke Learning Services

To ensure your 5App Hub successfully engages learners and delivers value to your business, we offer the following services delivered in partnership with our global learning specialists Hemsley Fraser. As such we are able to design, deliver and manage truly transformational experiences.

The turn-key solutions we are able to offer are listed below.

Bespoke Design and Development

  • Design and development of bespoke microlearning Fluidbooks
  • Creation of bespoke animations with voiceover
  • Recording and production of bespoke podcast
  • Recording and production of short key stakeholder videos

Content Services

  • Graphic design services
  • Video editing and branding
  • Tagging content
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Curation specialist
  • Content mapping
  • Content design services

Workshops and Training Delivery

  • Workshop to help you in creating your own videos
  • Face to face delivery of services
  • Virtual training delivery
  • Blended learning programme deliveryo Digitalo Virtualo Classroomo Train-the-Trainero Simulation/experiential

Customer Success Services

  • Engagement support services
  • Data analysis and reporting services
  • Hub set-up support services
  • Project Management
  • Technical integration services

Consulting Services

  • Occupational Development and Change consultancy
  • Training needs analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Programme design

Programme Management

  • Direct learner interaction
  • Scheduling
  • Roster-management
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