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Product Features

The 5App Hub is an easy to use and flexible digital learning platform that helps people discover the information and resources they may need to access for work.

Available in 18 languages. The Hub is being used by organisations looking to drive engagement and communications.

The Hub can be standalone or compliment other tools in the organisation such as learning management systems, communications or collaboration platforms, by using a curated approach to guiding people to what is needed, at a time that suits them.

See how the Hub can support your needs.

Laptop, tablet and smartphone with employee engagement Hub
Product features

Easy content management

You can upload files directly to The Hub, link to them at their source or choose from the pre-curated libraries available through our content partners.

You can get quick insights on how a specific content asset is being used right from where you manage the content.

5app learning platform - content management screen
5app learning platform - teams screen
Product features

Flexible teams

Organise your users however you want – our team features puts you in control of how you need to make information and resources available.

Users can belong to as many teams as you like!

product features

Powerful playlists

Playlists are the key to helping unlock the value of your content and guiding people to what is useful.

Playlists can contain a mix of assets – files you have uploaded, links to information in other systems or the web, content from the libraries supplied by our content partners, or even other playlists.

You can organise playlists under topics and decide whether the playlist is available to everyone or just members of specific teams.
Screen shot from 5App showing playlists - what is a playlist
5app learning platform, product features showing configurable nudges
Product features

Configurable nudges

Our powerful nudge functionality allows you to decide how and when to follow up with your users – whether to guide them to something important or encourage them to log in for the first time.
product features

Actionable Insights

We provide administrators and team managers with the ability to understand what is happening in The Hub – from most popular content, to most active users we provide easy to understand visualisation of trends over time and reports for you to dig deeper.
5app learning platform - product features - screens showing insight function

Contact us to discuss the 5App learning platform features in more detail and your specific needs.  


VIDEO & CASE STUDY"Access to forward thinking capabilities [of the 5App Hub] has to be a core part of how any organisation offers their L&D content today."